“Rabbits Don’t Make Good Pets”

I’ve heard this line one too many times being a rabbit owner and it’s honestly a little comical when people say it. Rabbits are just as friendly and loving as other popular house pets like dogs or cats. These are some of my favorite attributes about owning two little fluffs of joy.

teeth1. Rabbits don’t make noise. Thank the lord for no annoying barking or middle of the night meowing.







2. They can be litter trained and house trained.







3. They can be snuggle buddies just like your average cat or dog.








4. Even the sassiest ones are often patient with children.







5. Rabbits always keep you laughing when they speed around the house or binky in front of you.






6. They are very smart animals and have an uncanny sense of time…especially “meal time” in my buns’ case.







7. Each  has their own distinct personality. Clover is a lover and Felix is a sassy old man.




8. They love to be taken on walks. I have a couple of rabbit harnesses that are perfect for lots of hops.








9. They clean themselves and each other, no bunny baths necessary.






10. If you so choose: dogs, pigs, cats, and rabbits can coexist in the same house. It’s true – all animals can learn to love eachother other.





IMG_632711. They love to have other bunny friends. Bonding is a very important process. I recommend extensive research on rabbit bonding before you get a second rabbit.






12. Rabbits love to take a load off just like the rest of us hard working folk. E








13. They sleep during the day, so you don’t have to feel bad about leaving them every morning for work. Chances are they will be sleeping mid-morning to early afternoon. Side note: both my rabbits dream. I find it so entertaining to watch them twitch.





14. Just like dogs – rabbits are very affectionate. Clover loves to give kisses.






15. You can dress them up in ridiculous outfits.








16. They help promote healthy lifestyles.  Rabbits love fruits and vegetables; thus making grocery shopping for the both of you – quick and easy. Grab the big bag of kale and carrots next time you’re out and about.



So the next time you hear “is he a dog person or a cat person” don’t be surprised if he’s a “bunny person” because….WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!! Please keep in mind that rabbits do not make good “starter pets” and should not be purchased during the holidays. When cared for properly they are a 10+ year commitment. 


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