Colorado Springs

Every volleyball season the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh volleyball program takes a “fun” trip somewhere in the United States. For my senior year we are fortunate enough to go to Colorado Springs, Colo. MKE-DEN takes about three air hours, but only two hours on paper due to the time change. Both the flight and company were comfortable, but I’m excited to be back on solid ground. Our first stop was a little bar & grill in the Rocky Mountains called Buck Snort Saloon. BSS had a great atmosphere about it. Between the decor (hanging dollar bills and a tight, rustic feel) and the beautiful scenery that the establishment was surrounded by-it was absolutely breathtaking.

So far my ears are constantly popping and I’m permenately glued to the window. I fell in the picture taking phase for about a half hour until I realized that no picture can do Colorado’s Rocky Mountains any justice. Bloggies Colo. is a must see for any adventure seeker.

Stay tuned for my next Colorado Springs post. From court time to scenic views. It will be interesting to see how us Wisconsinites adapt to the altitude change on the court-let’s not forget why we’re are here😉. More to come after Day 1!

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