The Little Farmer

The Little Farmer located in Malone, Wis. is a great place to take the kids, round up a group of friends, or go for a relaxing day with your significant other. There is so much that this 139 acre family farm has to offer. While I was skeptical to go since it was a good 40 minutes around Lake Winnebago-it was well worth the hike.
I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who came out-most of whom were families with young children.  The Little Farmer had all sorts of animals goats, steer, chickens, etc.  Fall activities varying from apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay rides, a play ground, a handmade gift shop and of course their famous Caramel Apple House.  Do not let the Apple House line scare you, it moves relatively fast.  When you make it inside the barn you have the choice between three different apple sizes (kids, regular, and jumbo-prices vary.)  My boyfriend and I both picked regular sized sliced apples which we doused in caramel and topped with Oreos, M&Ms, and nuts.  My suggestion-get at LEAST one to-go apple. There was so much regret felt later that night when I was craving the something sweet.

Free parking and free admission combined with surprisingly decent food prices, treats, and goodies turned out to be a great day and relatively cheap date for James and I. Check out their Website: The Little Farmer for prices, hours, or just snoop around for more fun activities offered at The Little Farmer.  I attached some pictures of our wonderful day-enjoy and make sure to head over to Malone, Wis. for an unforgettable fall experience.

picked out some great pumpkins -“My favorite pumpkin in this pic has squinty eyes and no scratches .”😉
Head over to the Caramel Apple Barn and spruce up your apples. First choose your size (pictured are both ‘regular’), then choose sliced or on a stick. Finally,  pick your toppings-and don’t be modest!!!
Umm I failed to mention they have all sorts of hot drinks for purchase as well. Ft. my hot apple cider-which was to die for. Us outside of the caramel apple barn!! 🍎
Feed the goats for only $0.25 for a handful of feed.
The amatuer photographer in me couldn’t resist a fall photo opp. like this.🍁🍂

Thanks for reading! Happy Fall everyone and stay warm.

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