Costume Picking: The Scariest Part of Halloween

Halloween is less than four days away and you have yet to throw a costume together-fear no more lady friends I have the perfect solution. If you have $15, a Forever 21 within driving distance, know how to use a scissors, and enough time to let your ears dry over night then hop on this train!

There’s always the debate of how ‘showy’ one should be for Halloween, with a boyfriend yet trying to capture the college holiday experience I feel that my ‘Mini Minnie Mouse’ tutorial will give you the happy medium you’ve been searching for-and quick!

The Clothes (courtesy of the ever so cheap, Forever 21)

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.24.38 AM
For your convenience I have linked the picture to the exact URL
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.30.43 AM
For your convenience I have linked the picture to the exact URL

Depending on how chilly it gets, I might throw some leggings on underneath the skirt for some extra warmth. Sassy-yet not too ‘showy.’

The Ears: 

Black headband would be ideal to have (I had one lying around the apartment.) Hit up Jo-Ann Fabrics to complete the rest of the ears.

Buy black foam paper ($0.89) for the ears. I was able to squeak out two sets of ears with one sheet. IMG_1515
Also, pick up some red with white polka dot ribbon for Minnie’s big, beautiful bow. My roll was originally $7.99 but I used this 40% off coupon from RetailMeNot.

Making your Masterpiece aka your Ears:
Using a circular plastic cup I traced the ears out on my black foam paper. Then, carefully snipped around the edges and trimmed as needed. Not using my glue just yet, I eyed up a good spot, distance wise, that my ears would make sense on the headband.  Taking my glue I made the necessary lines (on the back of my plastic headband) where my ears would stick to.  I used a plate as a heavy anchor and let that sit over night-just for drying purposes.
The next day I had sturdy black Minnie Mouse ears!

Make a big bow with your ribbon and your are good to go for your headpiece!

As for the works, I’m not too versed on how to do a sassy smokey eye. However, Minnie Mouse does have a black nose-so whip out that eyeliner and draw on a cute circular nose and three black whiskers for your cheeks as the finishing touch!

I can’t wait to show your guys my finished product, but you will have to wait until Sunday morning for the big reveal when Rachel’s version of Minnie Mouse is set at this post’s feature image. As for now, my separates will have to do. Happy Haunting frrrrrrrieeeennnddssss!

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