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Bellabeat LEAF


Fitness trackers have been all the rage since people have been on this health craze.  The Bellabeat LEAF which launched early 2015, is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle rather than an aggressive push for weight loss.  But don’t get me wrong you are more than capable of losing weight with this beautifully designed fitness manager. The LEAF has helped me keep everything in one place, plus it gets mistaken for a stylish piece of jewelry all the time.

Let’s first talk about the aesthetics of the Bellabeat LEAF.  Mimicking the look of a leaf it comes in two chic colors—Rose Gold and Silver. The Silver LEAF (which I own) is crafted using recyclable American White Ash wood containing hypoallergenic stainless steel. The Rose Gold Version is designed from African Blackwood material and durable rose gold steel plating. The LEAF can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or a clip.  I have found that clipping the LEAF to my shirt is most comfortable when I sleep and is actually recommended. Contrary to a couple reviews I read prior to purchase, I didn’t find the LEAF bulky or heavy when worn on my wrist or as a necklace. All three positions are equally comfortable.

My only trouble was figuring out how to wear my LEAF as a bracelet.  Bellabeat was right on top of that because I did a quick Google search and the first hit was an informative tutorial. Follow the link here if you have the same issue.

Dashboard and Features
The Bellabeat LEAF is synced via Bluetooth with the Bellabeat phone application. This can be found in both the Google Play and Apple App Store. This [right] is your LEAF’s main dashboard. Track your steps, sleep, menstrual cycle, find out when you are ovulating, set smart alarms that vibrate for wake ups or reminders, add activities, and try out Bellabeat exclusive meditation exercises.  According to The Huffington Post, meditation is essential for your physical and mental health. Bellabeat’s website suggests that a 2-10 minute mediation per day is necessary and carefully designed to “focus and calm your mind.” They surprisingly have a wide variety of listening exercises for any sort of mood you may be in.

If you need another unique selling point the Bellabeat runs on a cell battery so the battery life is SIX MONTHS. That’s six months longer than other fitness trackers on the market (most lasting a maximum of week.) You get a free battery replacement tool when you purchase the LEAF too.



If you are on the market for a healthier lifestyle and are looking to buy a fitness tracker I would seriously consider purchasing the Bellabeat LEAF. Besides the LEAF going above and beyond my expectations, it provides many more features for about the same price—if not less than the other name brands.  Dress up your outfit, dress down your outfit, or simply keep it hidden from your outfit—the LEAF really offers it all. Plus it is specifically designed for women in mind. Leave the other bulky and unattractive fitness trackers for the men.


This is a must buy!  Now that I know first hand how great it is, I wish I would have spent the extra $30 and purchased the Rose Gold Version.  Most of my closet features black clothing and my outfit would vibe much better with a matching LEAF.  If you are in the same boat, you can sync two LEAFs to one dashboard…that might be in the near future for me.

Use my coupon code MYLEAF20 at check out to receive 20% OFF now until August 11th!!


Order now and get your LEAF with free accessories



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