Rachel's Brew Review

Palmetto Brewing Company-South Carolina

As part of a traveling tradition James and I visit craft breweries wherever we end up traveling to.  Last spring break we stopped in at Galveston Island Brewing Company and now as I visit him in South Carolina we made a pit stop at Palmetto Brewing Company.


Palmetto Brewing company is a very well established beer brewing company in Charleston, South Carolina.  Launching in 1993 Palmetto seems to be a fairly well known household name in the area.  The inside is small yet very nicely decorated with recycled beer bottle decorations and a sort of tiki/beachy vibe.  There are large windows that showcase their brewing space and some tables and chairs for enjoying a couple beers. If anything there could  have been a few more tables or even some bar stools for a more home-body feel.

What was even cooler was the fact that James and I could walk to the brewery from his apartment.  AND we were able to walk to the next brewery from Palmetto.

James’ favorite beer was the Espresso Porter.  This Porter had a coffee and chocolate taste.  A rather dark beer and contained 6% AVB.  A little thick for me but perfect for James (which is weird because he usually doesn’t like coffee flavored things.)

My favorite beer was their Grapefruit Shandy. Leinenkugel’s Grapefruit Shandy has been my summer drink of choice—so naturally I had to try Palmetto’s version.  To be honest, I liked Palmetto’s better. It was a very light beer coming in at only 3.3% AVB compared to Leinenkugel’s Grapefruit at 4.2% AVB.  Palmetto’s Grapefruit tasted not only a lot lighter and but seemed to have a fruitier taste.

We would recommend doing a couple of the flights just so you can try a bunch of them.  They only come in 4 oz. glasses and cost around $9.00 per flight (four beers.)  Unfortunately we did not purchase any Palmetto Brewing swag but we of course brought back a pint glass for our little tradition we started.

Palmetto is a great place to  head to if you are ever in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Visit their website at http://www.palmettobrewery.com/!



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