Rachel's Brew Review

Minocqua Brewing Company-Wisconsin

Every year my family and I take a week long vacation to  Minocqua, WI. This,  however, was the first year that I was able to drink legally.  Checking out local breweries and grabbing a flight at Minocqua Brewing Company was a no brainier on a gloomy day up north.  It’s always a treat to see how each brewery serves their flights—as you might expect, MBC served theirs on a small wooden boat paddle (SO CUTE.) We were given seven four oz. beers to try starting with their lightest craft beer to their darkest. Whitey’s Wheat, Minocqua Pale Ale (M.P.A.), Wild Bill’s Wild Rice Lager, Road Kill Red Ale, Bear Naked Brown Ale, Pudgy Possum Porter. If you think my math is off I promise it isn’t I just don’t remember the last beer’s name!

While I may be inexperience in the beer tasting world, I have to admit that I have never come across a nutty tasting beer.  The Bear Naked Brown Ale was one of MBC’s darkest beers that was packed with a peanut-ty after taste.  The Bear Naked Brown Ale contained 6.2% ABV—which I’ll  have you know isn’t even close to their highest beer’s ABV.

I also enjoyed the Pudgy Possum Porter which contained 6.4% ABV and a nice spin on an espresso tasting beer.  This was their darkest beer that they placed in the flight which was odd for me because I have always been a fan of the lighter beers. Compared to the Palmetto Brewery that I went to last month I would say that MBC’s Pudgy Possum Porter had a lighter taste than Palmetto’s Espresso Porter.

One thing I found interesting about the Minocqua Brewing Companies flight was that no beer served was below 5% ABV.  Most ranged in the mid to low 6%, while their Road Kill Red Ale topped off the flight with 7.6% ABV.  If you know me at all you know I can be quite the lightweight.  Let’s just say I had a good buzz going after this $12.00 flight.


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