The Cache Valley Queen

Only 1,187 miles away from home lies the beautiful Cache Valley that in three short  months I will be calling home.  Though my days in Utah were numbered I was able to scope out the way of the land.  Cache Valley…Logan specifically, is a beautiful place.  Logan has a small town feel yet has everything you need to live more than comfortably.  The Salt Lake Express ran me conveniently from the airport to Logan for $30.  While it was a chunk of change for only an hour and a half commute – the bus system in Cache Valley (CVTD) is completely free.  CVTD doesn’t run on Sundays and has specific pick up times and locations.  Riding the system wasn’t easy at first but once we got the hang of it, it was a piece of cake.  Although I must say that when I bring my vehicle in January I won’t miss the luxurious CVTD buses.

Logan holds a couple of super markets and grocery stores in the area.  The University – where Jamie works brings a lot of money in for community.  Ice cream shops, chain restaurants, and original Logan favorites keep the students and residents of Logan happy. Everything is within walking distance…although it’s not desired (I ventured out my first day and my feet and legs paid for it the next.)  But like I said…the bus system is free.

During my short weekend I was given a special look at Maverick Stadium and Icon Sports Performance Center on the USU campus. We attended the North Logan Farmer’s Market which was extremely disappointing..though it’s hard to compare it to Madison’s Farmers Market.  I wouldn’t recommend it.

But in true fall fashion we hopped on the bandwagon and visited a pumpkin patch.  American West Heritage Center (AWHC) surpassed our basic fall pumpkin picking expectations.  For only $6.00 a person you get access to their corn maze, pumpkin patch, bounce house, B-B gun range, mechanical bull, pony ride, and train ride.  I forgot to mention the free breathtaking views of the mountains on the back side of the center. Not only does the AWHC sponsor fall activities but the inside lodge holds some very historic information about Cache Valley.

I can’t wait to call Logan, home. Utah is beautiful and I can’t wait to build a kingdom in Cache Valley. Love makes you do crazy things people…but hindsight is always 20/20, right?

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