The Transition: M̶I̶D̶WEST

It’s been almost exactly a month since I have made the big move to Utah.  So far everything has been going great. However, moving hasn’t been the only adversity I have faced by being in Logan.
Our first weekend in Cache Valley consisted of shoveling 20 inches of snow and enduring negative temperatures (-35 wind chill at one point.)  We had a laugh when our landlord said, “but you’re from Wisconsin, so this should be normal.” Ah-no. Yes, we see snow and cold temperatures, but let’s be real—nothing ever prepares you for that type of weather.
The Cache Valley is surrounded by mountains, which I might add is super distracting when driving or walking anywhere.  We have a pretty neat view of two different mountain ranges from our kitchen and living room window—one of the many reasons I love our little apartment. Although, almost half of the time the mountains are cloud covered, probably why we haven’t gone two days without snow.
There is so much to learn in this city—from culture, to religion, to my first real home away from home.  Cooking has become a guilty pleasure of mine, plus there’s that internal stigma that everything you make yourself tastes like heaven…It’s true—my cooking is God sent (kind of ….ask James, I actually don’t know.)
Working from home has been a blessing as I’m getting settled though it makes it hard to meet people and make friends. James’ work staff and families have been so welcoming of the both of us. It’s made it super easy to transition.
Living with James has been going well too.  Adjusting to how each other lives and compromising has been the key to everything. Our home feels like a home and I think that’s something we both don’t take for granted.

Off to more adventures!

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