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Wooden Hexagon Wall Hangs

As I embarked on the great trip to Utah with James I brought a couple of things to make our apartment feel like a home.  However it wasn’t nearly enough to decorate the entire place.  While I know decor shouldn’t be on my priority list—it does feel nice to be surrounded by wonderful little things.

Obviously I took to Pinterest to find inspiration.  I used search terms like “cheap decor/broke and on a budget/small space living/etc.”  I found a single picture of a couple of hexagons on someones wall, but no description or directions to follow.  So I hit the streets of Logan to buy large popsicle sticks and a hot glue gun.  The rest is history.


  • Jumbo Popsicle Sticks (Hobby Lobby $2.99)
  • Hot Glue Gun ($4.00)
  • 3M Command Double Sided Hanging strips. (3.50)


  • Arrange the popsicle sticks into your desired shape (mine are hexagons but triangles would be really cool to do too!)
  • Make sure they are lined up exactly how you would like them hung. (No odd or lopsided angles, etc.)
  • Once the hot glue gun is ready to go: squeeze a glue gob half the size of your pinky nail on to the top end of the stick…you really don’t need that much glue.
  • Continue and rotate around the figure until you have the first layer completed.
  • Spinning the shape, continue to stack the popsicle sticks up until you’ve reached your desired thickness. (I stopped at about 2 inches thick, though the image I saw online had them even thicker so that you can use them as floating shelves.)
    • This step is the hardest part of the DIY.  You have to spin the shape until you find two edges of the hexagon that will hold the Popsicle sticks up (like a bridge.)
  • Use 3M Command Double Sided Hanging strips on the back for flawless hanging.

Hang and voilà! A conversation starter that you can be proud of.  Hexagons (and shapes for that matter) are totally trendy right now.  Try it out yourself and let us see your masterpieces in the comment section below.

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