Chocolate+PB Protein Balls

You literally cannot go wrong by rollin’ up these bad boys for guilt free snacking. They are so easy and oh, so tasty.  Between Pinterest to Google I understand there are more than a few different sites that ultimately make the same delicious balls. To be honest I’m about to drop something extremely similar so I don’t expect any praise on this recipe by any means.  This is more so for me to look back on so I don’t screw up my recipe every time.
I’ve been using the same meal replacement for about two years now and I’ve always been on the search for different ways to incorporate it into baking. A friend introduced me to these protein balls in college and of course I ate them until I got sick of them.  Then forgot about them, then reintroduced them to my diet, and of course got sick of them again…it’s a never ending cycle.  I pray you have more control than me.

chocolate+PB+Peanut Butter+Balls+Recipe
Brands used

  • Peanut Butter: Adams 
  • Honey: Simple Truth
  • Protein Powder: IdealShape
    • Literally the best brand out there for those looking for a new shake
    • The only thing I care about are sugars, carbs, taste, and money
    • Sugars= 1g
    • Carbs=10g
    • $40 for a tub ($1.67/meal)

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