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A Harry Potter Bachelorette Party

My sister Devlin is absolutely infatuated with the Harry Potter series. I mean – who isn’t? So naturally when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor I knew I had to throw a HP themed party. While I wish I had a bit more room and an updated space to go along with the ambiance, I think the decor turned out well.

How To Throw A Harry Potter Bach Party
My piece of advice – do your research! Watch the series backwards and forwards and take notes on anything that you think you do a play on words with. Next, create a crafty hashtag. I did a quick google search and found, #FromMuggleToMrs . How cute is that?! That spurred me to make a couple of hanging banners.

I’d suggest downloading the free Harry P font from dafont.com. You’ll be able to print/cut cute signs with themed font.

From Muggle to Mr.

Out of personal preference I wanted to throw in a few raunchy ‘traditional bachelorette’ items. I saw a ton of panty party suggestions on Pinterest and Google. So I decided to mix the two! Once a sale hit, I bought a variety of black and white panties in my sisters size. I hit my craft machine and was able to iron on cute Harry Potter-esk sayings. With some twine and a few clothes pins it made an on themed conversation piece.


I wouldn’t be a themed party without specialty food and drinks. This is where the notes you took earlier will come in handy.  Unless you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan these might not make sense. For food signs: I dropped a few long pretzels in a glass to make, “Olivander’s Wands.” I then made a snitch out of construction paper and stuck those into little powered doughnuts to make the “Powdered Snitch.”  Finally out of simplicity the finger food area was labeled, “The Great Hall.”

For the drinks: Mimosa mix, “It’s Mimosa, Not Mimosaa.”  I asked Devlin what her and Greg’s favorite drink was.  In which case she said that they were both drinking Tequilla Sunrises when they met. That’s what inspired the “Amortentia/Love Potion.” And finally, because alcohol can give you all sorta of confidence I only thought it was fitting for Sangria to be labeled, “Felix Felicis/Liquid Luck.”

Specialty Drinks

Dessert and Drink TablePowdered Snitch

The next area that you can get a little craft in is the party favors. I hit the Dollar Store and bought the mini white gift bags (three for $1.00.) I slapped an svg that I created for the party on the front and had a cute little bag to hold the party favors in. The favors themselves weren’t extravagant. I bought a bunch of blank black can koozies from Amazon (twelve for $15.00,) ironed on the svg and found some cheap eos lip balm balls at Ulta Beauty.  So with the same svg file I was able to cut out one of the monocle’s lenses and twist the lip balm closed through the opening. All in all the party favors costed about $5.00 per bag (including the bag!) You don’t need to go all out on these – and that’s something I needed to remind myself. At the end of the day people will most likely throw away the inexpensive trinkets you give them. That being said, everyone could use more chapstick.

Gift Bags

To keep things from getting too nerdy I tried to tone it down. I bought cheap teenie peenie  drinking straws from china – people loved those.

I tried to keep things on theme for the colors. White, black, and gold. Devlin (the bride) got white everything. Her cups were white, her kookie was white, her sash was white, her swim suit, and her tank top were white. The rest of the ladies brought black swim suits and drank out of black cups and koozies. So that had another aspect of a traditional bachelorette party.

I was worried that the party would look too gaudy with the theme.  All in all , I think it turned out cute and I’m happy we went for a themed party. I know my sister appreciated it – and that’s all that matters.

Happy crafting! If you have questions or are interested in purchasing similar decor, send me an email at rachelisesmith@gmail.com

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