Life Update

Miss. Rue

Meet Rue Blackburn—our 10-month-old Siamese + Tabby mix. James and I adopted her from the Nevada Humane Society in June. To say we’ve had an entertaining few months together would be an understatement. We love Rue’s personality! While she still a kitten, she is terribly witty, extremely talkative, surprisingly frugal, and always…always sleepy.

I know you’re all surprised about the pet choice after knowing my love of rabbits. To be honest—I was too. Adopting a cat was never, ever, on my radar. I know I haven’t been as open as I’ve wanted to be about the ‘coaches wife lifestyle’, but to speak my truth it’s pretty lonely—especially moving to a new location. Rue’s companionship has helped make my transition to Reno feel more complete. And, strangely enough, it feels as though she’s been part of our little family for a lifetime.

I really can’t get enough of my lazy, chatty girl. Unfortunately, my phone has taken the brunt of my obsession—it’s littered with photos and videos of her. All you crazy cat ladies out there…I feel you.

If you find Rue as adorable as me, I welcome you to follow her on Instagram @adventuresofruethecat.


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