DIY Wooden Baby Blocks

Outside of being able to bring life into this world, decorating your nursery, and choosing registry items might be the most exhilarating tasks you’ll take on in your 9 months of pregnancy. Keeping up with the modern times, it’s probably no secret we’ve all developed a hatred for primary color/jungle themed corny baby items. So while searching for non-essential items to add to our registry I found a gorgeous set of wooden alphabet blocks. They were gender-neutral, Scandinavian inspired, and of course…ridiculously priced. I’m talking $40-50 ridiculous. As stay-at-home orders were issued and continued, I decided to make use of my Cricut and my new-found weekend downtime to create baby’s own set. Surprisingly enough, a lot of thought went into the planning and execution, so I wanted to pass on my knowledge.


How many letters go on a baby block? Which letters should I put on my baby blocks? What font should I use for my baby block? What front size should I put on my baby blocks? Should I include numbers on my baby blocks? How to make alphabet blocks? 


For the Blocks:

Starting with the obvious. There were 36 blocks in my set. Each block has 6 sides. Here’s how we decided to divvy up the block sides:

  • Each block should get three different letters, a paint-free blank side, a solid color painted side, and a fun design side.
  • From there we researched that E, A, R, I, O, T, N, S, L, and C were the most commonly used letters. It’s also best to consider baby’s name and which letters you’ll frequently be putting together. (We also wanted two sets of 0-9 number possibilities.
  • My husband helped break down the alphabet/number combinations for me. Bless him. Here’s what we came up with.
    BLOCK 1


  1. Using your craft machine, cut the necessary letters, numbers, and (optional) designs out. If you don’t have a craft machine use those sticker options from above.
    • Font Size: 1-inch.
    • Font: Ariel Black.
  2. Firmly press the letter/number/design combos on their respective block sides.
  3. Use the Mod Podge and apply a thin coat over the letter/number/design stickers. This will deter any bleeding from the paint step. I find it’s always best to paint away from the stickered lines. Dry for 15+ minutes.
  4. Apply a layer of paint over the letter/number/design block sides. Don’t forget to choose a solid color side to paint and to keep one side blank!
  5. Dry for your paint can’s recommended time. 1+ hour.
  6. Once completely dried, removed the vinyl letter/number/designs. I used the Cricut Weeder. (You’ll absolutely need something similar to this tool.)
  7. Coat blocks in a your clear mod podge varnish. You’ll probably need a couple coats.
  8. Let those dry for 15+ minutes between layers.

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