about me

About Me
Hi! I’m Rachel. Welcome to my White Space. My retreat from the busy world. The never consistent, mostly random, but always genuine—area I call my lifestyle blog. My content is a hodge-podge of crafts, life updates, recipes, and whatever seems to be on my mind.

I’ve always had a passion for writing, blogging, and design. In fact, I loved it so much I decided to go to school for it—then base my living on it—then spend my free time doing it. Writing gives me a sense of gratification that I have yet to find elsewhere. I never know how many people religiously read my blog or check in on what I’ve been up to, but it’s important to me to have a space that’s my own. I think Author, F. Scott Fitzgerald captures my thoughts perfectly:

Nick Carraway: I don’t want to talk about this Doctor.
Dr. Perkins: Then write about it.
Nick Carraway: Write about it?
Dr. Perkins: Yes.
Nick Carraway: Why would I do that?
Dr. Perkins: You said yourself writing brought you solace.
Nick Carraway: Yeah, well, it didn’t bring anyone else much solace and I wasn’t any good.
Dr. Perkins: No one need ever read it. You could always burn it.
Nick Carraway: What would I write about?
Dr. Perkins: Anything. Whatever brings you ease. A memory, a thought, a place. Write it down.

If you’re just stopping in – happy to have you. If you’re a regular – let’s have some fun.