Camp Chef: Book of Prime Rib

One of the holiday season’s most sought after cuts of meats—prime rib—also happens to be one of the most expensive cuts of meat. Due to its unmistakable taste and tenderness, prime rib is often considered a luxury. And, behind every costly price tag, there’s a cautious cook. Cook confidently with Camp Chef’s Book of Prime… Continue reading Camp Chef: Book of Prime Rib

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DIY Faux Mantel

We recently moved into our new apartment in Nevada and really lucked on the unit. Updated kitchen, high ceilings, and my favorite part—a fireplace. A fireplace is one of those things you didn't know you wanted but now that you have it...you can't go without. While the fireplace stone and unit itself isn't very attractive, I… Continue reading DIY Faux Mantel


The Best of Cache Valley

Two and a half years ago I made the leap of faith to follow James to Utah. And it's true what they say, "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." We will forever be indebted to this little valley and the all the extraordinary friends we made and people we've come to love as… Continue reading The Best of Cache Valley


Camp Chef: The Book of Brisket

While the reward is mouthwatering, let’s be real—briskets are intimidating, not to mention high maintenance. There are tons of cooking opinions when it comes to brisket and you’ll come to find that almost all of them are based on personal preferences. We’re here to be your voice of reason and we promise, once you get the… Continue reading Camp Chef: The Book of Brisket


Noteworthy Nuances

I know it seems silly, but this picture will always mean so much to me. To you it's boring—there are no faces and no foreseeable emotion to it.  All you notice is a necklace. But there's so much more behind it. The Necklace The most obvious part of the photograph—the necklace—was a gift given to me by… Continue reading Noteworthy Nuances


APP-y Hour

Being within the social media realm at work and a stereotypical millennial, I come across of a lot of different phone applications.  I've compiled five of my favorite iPhone apps that have gotten me through life (work or play) one way or another.  Think of it as my Myspace Top Friends if you will. (If you didn't get… Continue reading APP-y Hour


Devlin & Greg

Capturing unforgettable moments like this makes me want to take up photography as more than just a hobby.   A couple weeks ago I had the terrifyingly, fun pleasure of being able to shoot my sister and future brother-in-law's engagement photos.  Not only did we only shoot for a half hour—we ended up having flawless… Continue reading Devlin & Greg


5 Quotes to Live by According to Joanna Gaines

I think there's something to be said about little girls stealing quotes from their favorite celebrities and the pop culture faces plastered on their bedroom walls.  However, Joanna and Chip Gaines are not the celebrities we swooned over in the past.  After reading their book, The Magnolia Story, I found so many humbling truths about… Continue reading 5 Quotes to Live by According to Joanna Gaines


Tiny Reminders

  Working from home allows me some much needed time for myself.  However, never underestimate the company that Netflix has to offer.  Since September 2016 I have been an avid Netflix consumer (all day, everyday.) I have tackled shows like: Orange is the New Black—again, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds, and currently The… Continue reading Tiny Reminders