Camp Chef

“Over 25 years ago, founder, Ty Measom, noticed a problem in the outdoor industry. He was faced with cooking for two dozen hungry scouts on a camping trip using only a tiny, flimsy camp stove and a high-output fish fryer. With all the awesome gear available for camping, hunting, fishing, etc., how were the options so limited for outdoor cooking? To Ty, that simply wasn’t good enough—he decided to create a better way to cook outdoors.” – Camp Chef

Regularly updated archive of my publications

BBQ Bible Series:

-BBQ Bible / The Book of Brisket

-BBQ Bible / The Book of Turkey

-BBQ Bible / The Book of Burger

-BBQ Bible / The Book of Prime Rib

-BBQ Bible / The Book of Ribs

-BBQ Bible / The Book of Pizza

Camp Chef Story Series:

A Camp Chef Story / Cee Dub

A Camp Chef Story / Chad Jukes

A Camp Chef Story / Caytlin McCleery

A Camp Chef Story / Nathan Bingham

A Camp Chef Story / Casey Butler

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