Protein Packed Chili

I’m sure you aren’t surprised to learn that the Smith family has a secret crock pot chili recipe.  While I won’t be sharing all of our secrets I plan on giving you a little taste of a one of my favorite Fall crock pot dishes.  I tried to make this as simplistic as possible because… Continue reading Protein Packed Chili


The Transition: M̶I̶D̶WEST

It's been almost exactly a month since I have made the big move to Utah.  So far everything has been going great. However, moving hasn't been the only adversity I have faced by being in Logan. Our first weekend in Cache Valley consisted of shoveling 20 inches of snow and enduring negative temperatures (-35 wind… Continue reading The Transition: M̶I̶D̶WEST


What’s Crocking

What's Crocking was originally a blog that I started for a class as I finalized my undergraduate degree. Now it has turned into a hobby.  Since my move to Utah is only weeks away I thought what better way to keep the magic cooking than by continuing my new found passion in a new place. … Continue reading What’s Crocking