Protein Packed Chili

I’m sure you aren’t surprised to learn that the Smith family has a secret crock pot chili recipe.  While I won’t be sharing all of our secrets I plan on giving you a little taste of a one of my favorite Fall crock pot dishes.  I tried to make this as simplistic as possible because… Continue reading Protein Packed Chili


The Cache Valley Queen

Only 1,187 miles away from home lies the beautiful Cache Valley that in three short  months I will be calling home.  Though my days in Utah were numbered I was able to scope out the way of the land.  Cache Valley...Logan specifically, is a beautiful place.  Logan has a small town feel yet has everything… Continue reading The Cache Valley Queen


The Little Farmer

The Little Farmer located in Malone, Wis. is a great place to take the kids, round up a group of friends, or go for a relaxing day with your significant other. There is so much that this 139 acre family farm has to offer. While I was skeptical to go since it was a good 40… Continue reading The Little Farmer