Life Update

Miss. Rue

Meet Rue Blackburn—our 10-month-old Siamese + Tabby mix. James and I adopted her from the Nevada Humane Society in June. To say we've had an entertaining few months together would be an understatement. We love Rue's personality! While she still a kitten, she is terribly witty, extremely talkative, surprisingly frugal, and always...always sleepy. I know you're all… Continue reading Miss. Rue


APP-y Hour

Being within the social media realm at work and a stereotypical millennial, I come across of a lot of different phone applications.  I've compiled five of my favorite iPhone apps that have gotten me through life (work or play) one way or another.  Think of it as my Myspace Top Friends if you will. (If you didn't get… Continue reading APP-y Hour


What’s Crocking

What's Crocking was originally a blog that I started for a class as I finalized my undergraduate degree. Now it has turned into a hobby.  Since my move to Utah is only weeks away I thought what better way to keep the magic cooking than by continuing my new found passion in a new place. … Continue reading What’s Crocking