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Wooden Hexagon Wall Hangs

As I embarked on the great trip to Utah with James I brought a couple of things to make our apartment feel like a home.  However it wasn't nearly enough to decorate the entire place.  While I know decor shouldn't be on my priority list—it does feel nice to be surrounded by wonderful little things. Obviously… Continue reading Wooden Hexagon Wall Hangs


5 Quotes to Live by According to Joanna Gaines

I think there's something to be said about little girls stealing quotes from their favorite celebrities and the pop culture faces plastered on their bedroom walls.  However, Joanna and Chip Gaines are not the celebrities we swooned over in the past.  After reading their book, The Magnolia Story, I found so many humbling truths about… Continue reading 5 Quotes to Live by According to Joanna Gaines


What’s Crocking

What's Crocking was originally a blog that I started for a class as I finalized my undergraduate degree. Now it has turned into a hobby.  Since my move to Utah is only weeks away I thought what better way to keep the magic cooking than by continuing my new found passion in a new place. … Continue reading What’s Crocking