Crock-tology 101: Crocking on High or Low

When I first started crocking I browsed sites like Pinterest for recipe inspiration. While surfing I would see some posts about cooking on High for x amount of hours or cooking on Low for y amount of hours.  On our website we have used both as well.  Roast Beef and Cooked Carrots was cooked on Low for 8 hours, while Cinnamon Applesauce was cooked on High for 5 hours.

Q: So what’s the difference and is there an easy rule of thumb for High to Low crock pot cooking?

A: YES there is an easy conversion! Generally there is no difference between cooking on High or Low besides the factor of time.  That being said, it took some creativity and research but we have made the perfect conversation infographic of High to Low crock pot cooking.

crock pot-time conversion-high to low-crocktology 101

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