Crock-tology 103: The Purchase

When I first started crocking I was unsure of what kind of crock pot to buy.  In my case ,my mom ended up giving me her old one. There are so many different crock pot/slow cookers floating around the internet that it can be confusing to know which one(s) would work best for you and which ones will work best for your style.

Q: What crock pot should I get? Are there any cool crock pots?

A: Of course! Sites like Pinterest and a common Google search can find you cute slow cookers.  Luckily I have done some research myself and can save you the hours of searching.  Check out the graphics below to ease your crock pot purchase frenzy. (Direct purchase links below.)


infographic, which crock pot is best for you, crock-tology 103

Infographic Direct Links:
Walmart Mini Crock Pot
Crock Pot For the Dudes
Cuteness Overload
Party Queen
Tech Junkie
Old Faithful

Note: the link at the bottom of the infographic is no longer active. As always, if you have crock pot questions email us directly at: